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Credenze. Bjorn Wiinblad. Rosenthal Christmas Carol Plate

Me li sono ritrovati nella credenza. A Natale, più volte hanno fatto un giro sulla tavola.

I cinque temi li ho trovati a volte con due definzioni diverse:

We Three Kings 1985

Joy To The World 1992

Away In A Manger - Christ the Lord comet 1993

O Little Town Of Bethlehem - There was no room for them in the inn 1989

Annunciation to the Shepherds 1991

Sul tavolo in

Dicembre 2012. La cena della Vigilia

Dicembre 2009. Una Vigilia di Natale con il baccalà

Dicembre 2008. La Vigilia di Natale

Dicembre. La cena della Vigilia 2004

Dicembre. Vigilia di Natale 2003.

L'artista è Bjorn Wiinblad. (Copenaghen 1918 - 2006). Si è prodotto in pittura, ceramica, scenografia, poster, illustrazioni, vetri, arazzi.

A quanto pare, un tipo singolare; (dal suo sito):

Wiinblad’s international greatness can be compared to that of Søren Kierkegaard or, for a more contemporary reference, the artist Olafur Eliasson – although Wiinblad never achieved the same artistic recognition in Denmark as Olafur Eliasson. He did outside Denmark, however, where he was commissioned to design complete hotel furnishing solutions in Japan, the United States and Germany, as well as a unique dinner service for the Shah of Persia.
In 1957, Wiinblad was appointed Chief Designer for the prestigious German brand Rosenthal, a position that enhanced his international reputation even further. He was happy to travel all over Europe in connection with launches of dinner services, and people queued up to have items signed by him.

He rarely travelled alone, generally inviting friends along to keep him company on the journey.
The reason why Wiinblad was not as readily recognised in Denmark had to do with his unusual, ‘un-Danish’ style – and with the fact that he earned a great deal of money from his art and productions.
Money was not the driving force for Wiinblad, however; he spent as much money as he made on travel, parties, antiquities, art and so on.

He was often invited to vernissages by young artists in Copenhagen, because they knew that he was always happy to buy something.
What really mattered to Wiinblad was to give free rein to his incredible creative zest and to spread delight to as many people as possible through his numerous and varied productions.
Wiinblad was one of a kind, blessed with the ability to rise above the mundane – even though he was often the target of criticism from the art elite of Copenhagen.

L'immagine del suo studio, da The gilded owl

Interessante sfogliare questo catalogo su rete, con assai seducenti interni della sua casa - studio.

Catalogue extract (UK): Bjørn Wiinblad  - Published on Jul 15, 2015
From the exhibition: Bjørn Wiinblad at ARKEN 2015

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mammadeglialieni ha detto...

Bellissime tavole.
Cari auguri di un sereno 2017

artemisia comina ha detto...

Grazie! Auguri anche a te :)

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