venerdì 11 febbraio 2011


Da catholic-saints

The Governor of Antioch had Margaret arrested and she was thrown into a dungeon. According to legend whilst she was in the dungeon, the devil came and tempted her in the form of a dragon, but as she made the sign of the Cross the dragon at first fled. He then returned and swallowed her up but she was able to burst out. When Margaret was led out to be beheaded, she thanked God that the end of her travail had come, and prayed that in memory of her miraculous deliverance out of the womb of the dragon, women in labour who invoked her might find help through her sufferings.

Ancora Margherita - ne stiamo inanellando un po' - e la sua storia se cliccate sul tag viceversa e cannibalismi (vedi sotto).

2 commenti:

papavero di campo ha detto...

la fida alleanza
l'attrazione fatale
fuoco e santità

artemisia comina ha detto...

I santi sono come il lievito, vogliono il fuoco :)

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